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yeha one of my friends on DA tagged me two days ago... i had no clue... well i must finish this before i sleep lol
Im writing down 10 facts about myself and answering 10 questions that the person that tagged me asked, then following that with 10 tagged people and 10 questions... yay

1. I started art through outlineing DBZ artwork about... woah 5 years ago... damn
2. I tried to make my own manga after seventh grade... yeahh didnt work out
3. Im 5 '11 (currently) and am only in 9th grade, im a giant :D
4. I have been to china TWICE because my dad lives there
5. yes, my parents are divorced and my dad isnt Asian
6. The first anime i watched was Naruto... 2008... yeah... i was 8
7. I began with gaming on a Playstation 2, then a computer, then a wii, then back to playstation 2, and then xbox to laptop, and back to xbox, and soon ill be stuck on PC again :P
8. when i was a child my mom would tell me to play outside, now i was a huge gamer then, and a huge gamer now, but there are these tall trees i would climb and hide up in with my gameboy "Playing outside"
9. my older brother once put hot red pepper sauce in my eye because i apparently pissed him off... it got us both grounded for an entire month
10. apparently i lived in a mansion for 6 years of my childhood... i never knew my parents were rich at a point of my life... i could have abused that...

1. Favorite color? Navy Blue
2. Do you have an accent? How thick is it? Im from Texas but im not really southern, so im not really sure i have an accent...
3. Is english your native language? How many languages do you speak? Yes, english is my native language, and i would say i could speak two languages, English and Spanish, but i suck at spanish... no hablo espanol
4. What's your dream job? Actually i plan on being an artist for Nintindo :D
5. You have any nicknames when your were younger? Does my middle name count as a nickname, i go by my middle name, so does that count as a nickname? But if not, i recently got the nickname of Goblin, why? i dont know honestly
6. Do you cosplay, or plan to do so? I would cosplay and go to cons, but my mom thinks that it is creepy that grown men go to them so she doesn't let me, i would plan to go to them in the future but i dont want to become the said creepy grown guy
7. Have any pets? Actually i recently got a puppy that is like 5 weeks old, she broke her leg yesterday though ; m ;
8. Favorite Food? I love spagghetti :D
9. What's your daily routine? I believe in taking care of myself, in a balanced diet, in a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if my face is a little- oh wait this isn't american psycho! I wake up, eat breakfeast, take my AD-HD medication and then put on my contacts, then i grab my phone and wait for my brother to start up the car then i go to school, if there isnt school, then i dont have to wait for my brother, i would just chill
10. Where do you see yourself in ten years? woah, 25, the prime of my life... I hopefully will see myself being a successful artist, and maybe be engaded, maybe married... but i see myself bieng successfull, and i hope i do become successful, i want to improve in art to where i look at the art i post now and laugh histerically... yeah... either that or im constanly poor...

I tag...
im not sure i know enough people on DA to tag lol but ill try to make a list of people and questions next.

but at the moment its 3:00 AM, i will take my leave


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Hey I'm Grant an Artist that draws Homestuck and fire emblem and all sorts of things :P


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